Posted by Jesse Kendall on Nov 25, 2019
On Monday, November eighteenth, Rotary Club of Prince Albert members were given a presentation by Nuvo Pharms founder Jamie Novotny. Mr. Novotny is a medical advocate for the use of medicinal marijuana, and speaks from experience as someone who deals with Multiple Sclerosis and Crohn's Disease. Medical Cannabis helped Mr. Novotny to go from being unable to walk at all and not speak properly, to being able to walk and speak again, evident by his ability to present at Rotary Club luncheon. In his presentation, he detailed that there are several problems with Medical Cannabis, including that patients often have to go to the illicit market to get what they need, as many of the Cannabis producers who farmed medicinal marijuana prior to legalization turned to recreational production after legalization. Mr. Novotny is currently working on starting his company Nuvo Pharms, which will produce high quality medical Cannabis and provide patients with a safe, consistent product. Seen below are Mr. Novotny (left), and Rotary Club President Joe Weinrich.