On Monday, Erica Bailey--a Prince Albert Rotarian--shared her story and struggle with Lipedema: a chronic, incurable condition that causes painful, pebbly, adipose tissue (pebbly fat) in the lower half of the body. This condition does not respond to diet and exercise and affects 11% of women and 1% of men. Lipedema can leave those with the condition in incredible pain and can eventually cause permanent disability as a result. Those with Lipedema also struggle with mental health issues, with sufferers assuming responsibility for not being able to get rid of the offending fat, which is compounded by the low awareness of the condition even among doctors. 
Thank you Erica for bravely sharing your struggle with pain, misunderstanding, surgery, and activism. 
Photo: In her youth, Erica was active in sports and physical activity. Lipedema later made these activities difficult and was not improved with any kind of diet or exercise.