Posted by Joe Weinrich
Debbie Schutte, the chair of the Sask Food Coalition, presented to the Rotary Club of Prince Albert on the subject of food security in our community.  She brought along fourth year nursing students Stephen Gobiel and Clarissa Calayo to help present their vision that "all residents of Prince Albert will realize food security in their lives".
Below: Rotary Club of Prince Albert president Nnamdi Ndubuka, Sask Food Coalition chair Debbie Schutte, Nursing students Stephen Gobiel and Clarissa Calayo.
The group spoke of the many initiatives that they have been working on and the successes that have resulted.  These include the development of one of the first food charters in Canada.  They have built community gardens in Prince Albert that allow residents who wouldn't normally have access to land to grow food their own food.  Of particular interest to the Rotary Club was the planting of urban orchards along the rotary trail, allowing residents to pick and eat fruits and berries as they walk past.   
The value of food education was also discussed.  Many people are unaware of where their food comes from or how to go about growing their own food and the Food Coalition is there to help.  
A number of interesting statistics were presented.  40% of food that is purchased is thrown out.  3000 people use the Prince Albert Food Bank each month, half of which are children.   Debbie pointed out that much of the food that is thrown out could be better used to help the many families in need.  
Debbie also invited meeting attendees to come and help "Fill the Bus" for the Food Bank on October 13th and 14th.  They are also planning a fundraiser pumpkin catapult on November 1st, so save up those jack-o-lanterns!
Thanks to the members of the Sask Food Coalition for the informative and thought provoking presentation!