Posted by Jesse Kendall on Oct 24, 2019
Rotary Club of Prince Albert had an important visitor on Monday: District Governor Fred Wright. The District Governor gave a presentation on the importance of fellowship, understanding others, and being positive. Mr. Wright discussed the need to tackle child poverty, as 26.7% of children in Saskatchewan currently live in poverty. Many children also live in toxic environments, whether it is toxic from abuse, violence, or homelessness. District Governor Wright highlighted that these situations can also be turned in a positive direction, as community service organizations like the Rotary Club can help to improve their communities. It is possible to make a difference in the lives of children, and that connecting and engaging with the community is important. Seen in the image below are District Governor Fred Wright (left) and Rotary Club of Prince Albert President Joe Weinrich (right).
President Weinrich took a moment at the beginning of Monday's meeting to appreciate his predecessor John Morash for his diligent work as President by presenting him with a lovely plaque and recognizing his accomplishments. In the photo below, Rotary Club of Prince Albert President Joe Weinrich (left), and past Rotary Club of Prince Albert President John Morash.