Tayna Lucena, a former International Long Term Youth Exchange Program participant, was back in town, and she brought her infectious laughter and good spirits with her.  Club members have shared photos and Morley was kind enough to share a story about Tayna.  Looks like it was a great visit!  
She (Tayna)  is an amazing young Lady, in her 3rd year of an Engineering degree program, who (more importantly) is one of the most amazing and wonderful people I have ever met.  Period.  So, hopefully, this information will be of interest to our members/readers! - Club Sargent Brian Martin
       Tayna Lucena is back in town, and she has brought her infectious laughter and good spirits with her.
       In the fall of 2011, Tayna, a 16-year-old from Brazil, arrived in our fair city. She was to spend a year with us, the Rotary Club of Prince Albert, as part of Rotary International’s Long Term Youth Exchange program. The purposes of the Exchange Program are to: foster the development of the next generation of leaders, increase international understanding, make the world a better place, and promote international peace through personal involvement.
       In Tayna, Rotary found a winner. When she first arrived at the Saskatoon airport in 2011, Tayna was exhausted, but her natural good spirits and excitement to start a new adventure took over.
       Food was the first priority. “Where to?” we asked Tayna. “What kind of food?” 
       “McDonald’s!” was the quick reply. There was no McDonald’s in her home town.
       So began a year of new experiences: new home, new school, new friends, new interests. Tayna did not shy away from any of it. She had come to ‘experience and grow.’
       Tayna was welcomed by St. Mary High School. The school raised a Brazilian flag from the rafters of the Student’s Assembly Area. The principal and vice principals greeted her every morning, always pleased to see her and anxious that her school year be a fulfilling one. It was. Tayna, who’s English skill was limited, dug right in. She applied herself and soon had an 80+ average. She joined the Soccer Team, the Drama Club, the Glee Club, and the Model United Nations Club. School was one busy place for Tayna. She was here to try new things - and she did.
        Rotary activities, for Tayna, were also many and involved. She and the other 20 foreign students in our Rotary District met several times throughout the year in a variety of places. There the students, from several different countries, shared their Canadian experiences and made  binding friendships that would carry into adult hood. 
       Tayna became an active member of each local host family (three of them, throughout the year) and participated in our Canadian way of life fully: travelling throughout Saskatchewan, going to a rock concert in Saskatoon, fishing in our northern lakes, building a snow man, and attending Raider hockey games. Tayna became an avid Raider fan. One had better cheer for any other team in Tayna’s presence.
       Many tears were shed when Tayna left us. She had become our Brazilian/Canadian. E-mails and Skype messaging flew back and forth from Prince Albert to Brazil.
       She promised she would come back. She has!
       Tayna is here for a three week visit. She is now in her early twenties, a student in engineering in Brazil, a mature young woman, a promising leader of tomorrow.
       But she is still Tayna: full of life, ready to experience what the world offers, and full of smiles.
       If you see her out shopping, ice fishing, at a restaurant, or, for sure, at a Raider game, stop - say hello - a most infectious smile and greeting will come right back to you.
       Have fun Tayna! We are most proud of you!